Mission Statement

Our mission is to eradicate domestic violence by bridging the gap in resources between cities and rural areas of Indiana. We will focus our efforts in 3 areas.

  1. Preventative education within rural Indiana schools, taverns, and hair salons.

  2. Troubleshooting transportation barriers so those attempting to leave a violent relationship have access to local safe places and city shelters.

  3. Fundraising to provide monetary contribution to organizations focused on ending domestic violence in rural Indiana, individuals making effort to leave a violent partnership or overcoming the impact of a past violent partnership, and scholarship for future helping professionals dedicated to stopping domestic violence.

Our inspiration

Rustin Rehmel.jpg

Rustin Rehmel is a name we will forever honor, and that’s because of the person behind the name. Rustin meant the world to our local community and shone brightly as a beacon of love. Every word she spoke made a difference and it has become our duty to continue that legacy. Rustin fell victim to a tragic domestic violence incident, yet her strength prevailed.

In honor of Rustin Rehmel and through her unparalleled spirit, we formed the Healing Initiative of Indiana. As an organization we will not yield as we take on the task of eradicating domestic violence.

Among other events, each year we will host a Run for Rustin.

Through this event alone, we have donated nearly $5,000 to local organizations and granted $2,000 in scholarships. We believe that through education and promotion we are making strides towards our goal.

May the beauty of Rustin Rehmel long be remembered.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing domestic violence, please call the Council On Domestic Abuse (CODA) 24 hour hotline.

They will listen. They are ready to help. They are CODA.

1-800-566-CODA (2632)